Welcome to TwitCasting!


It’s really easy to broadcast from your phone or PC with TwitCasting.
There is one app to broadcast (“Live”) and another app to watch (“Viewer”).

Watch Lives: TwitCasting Viewer

Discover your favorite Lives (Broadcasts)!

The first page shows popular lives that are now streaming. Check out lives by Category to find more.


Chat with Broadcasters

Broadcasters want to hear your comments. Say “hi” and share your thoughts. You can also post comments on Twitter or Facebook.


Send Items to Broadcasters

Items are like gifts, so send some to broadcasters you like! Coins are special - when broadcasters get 5 coins, they can go live for 30 minutes more.


Fan/Subscribe your Favorite Broadcasters

As you find your favorite broadcasters, become a Fan or Subscribe so that you’ll be notified when they go live.

Broadcast Live : TwitCasting Live

Go Live

Use your camera to broadcast. Your Live is limited to 30 minutes, but for each 5 coins you receive, you get an extra 30 minutes - up to 4 hours!


Radio Broadcast

Select your favorite picture as a background for your Radio Broadcast.


Select Category

Choose a category for your Live so that viewers with similar interests can find you.


Set your Subtitle (Caption)

Add a line that describes your Live. You can also use this line to take a poll of your viewers.


Simple Tips to Increase your fans

- Announce your TwitCast on your social account before you start broadcasting.
- Post your comments on your social accounts while you are live (broadcasting).
- Broadcast as long as possible, because your fans have plenty of time to see that you're broadcasting and join you.
- Read the comments and chat with your fans and new viewers who join your live.
- Ask viewers to Fan or Subscribe you so they know when you broadcast (and explain to them why if they don't understand why )