Live Revenue

What is Live Revenue?

By enabling this feature, you can collect dangos through live streams and earn rewards based on the number of collected dangos.

  • We will pay rewards to users based on the number of dangos they have collected.
    ※ To reflect the number of dangos in the reward amount, it is a condition to receive Redeemable items.
  • Dangos can be collected based on factors such as the number of views during live streams and the number of items received from other users.
  • Users who meet certain criteria may receive a bonus at the beginning of the month.

How to Enable

Go to "Account Menu" > "Revenue Management" > "Individual Settings" and enable "Live Revenue." Before enabling, you need to complete the upload and review of your identity documents.

  • This feature is available for users aged 18 and above (corporate use is allowed).
  • Live revenue can only be used by users residing in Japan, the United States (excluding California), Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.
  • This feature is available to users who meet one of the following conditions:
    • Users with a cumulative viewing time of over 100 hours in the last 3 months (for users who have enabled the live revenue feature once after October 1, 2022, they can continue to use this feature even if their cumulative viewing time falls below 100 hours in the last 3 months. Also, regarding applications, once the cumulative viewing time condition is met, you can apply at any time.)
    • Users with over 100 subscribers on their YouTube channel (YouTube account linking is required).
    • Users with over 3,000 Twitter followers.
  • If your account is subject to restrictions or if you are considered an inappropriate user, this feature may not be available to you.

What Are Dangos?

  • You can collect dangos when you receive items or when your live recordings are viewed.
  • You can collect dangos even if the live revenue feature is not enabled.
  • Dangos have a validity period of 180 days from the date of acquisition.
  • When you receive Redeemable items (such as Ochabaku 50, 100, 500, and membership-only items), you will receive more dangos than usual, and they will be immediately reflected in the "Details" of your revenues.

Collecting Dangos

You can collect dangos mainly through the following methods.
You can check the number of dangos you have in "Account Menu" > "Revenue Management" > "Live Revenue."

  • When your live recordings are viewed by other users.
    It may take some time for the number of dangos to be reflected in the case of recorded views.
  • When you receive items (all items, including those that can be used with free points).
    The dangos collected from items will have bonus dangos based on various conditions.
  • When you receive Redeemable items.
    Redeemableitems provide more bonus dangos than regular items.

※ The number of bonus dangos may vary depending on the payment method at the time of point purchase.


Reflecting Dangos in revenues

  • When you receive Redeemable items, the number of dangos, including those from Redeemable items, will be reflected in the "Details" of your revenue based on TwitCasting's conversion rate (not disclosed), and the revenue amount will be determined.
  • When dangos are reflected in the "Details" of live revenue, the reflected dangos will decrease.

About Redeemable Items

Listeners can use Redeemable items if they have paid points.
For information about changing the effects of Redeemable items, please refer to "About Custom Items".

  • About Ochabaku 500
    Ochabaku 500 will only be displayed in the item list when the streamer has set a custom item. Listeners can use Ochabaku 50, 100, and 500 just like other items when they have enabled auto charging.
  • About Membership-Exclusive Items
    Membership-exclusive items are displayed in the item list of the streamer's subscribers only when they have joined a membership. For more information, please refer to "Membership (for Streamers)."

Sending Personal Thanks

You can send Personal Thanks to listeners who have used Redeemable items. Personal thanks can be sent using the following methods:

  • After the stream, go to "Account Menu" > "View/Stream" tab > "Personal Thanks" > "Sendable Personal Thanks."
  • After the stream, go to "Live History," select the recording to which you want to send Personal thanks, and choose "Sendable Personal Thanks."
  • If it is a deleted recording, go to "Account Menu" > "View Recently Deleted Recordings" and select the video to send Personal thanks.
  • Tap the notification that says "You can send Personal thanks."

If you use the new "Sendable Personal Thanks with Voice/Video (β)" feature, you can send not only images but also audio and video files as Personal thanks. You can use it as follows:

  • Tap "Use Sendable Personal Thanks with Voice/Video (β)" at the top of the "Send Personal Thanks" screen.

Checking Redeemable Items in Recordings

You can send Personal thanks for Redeemable items in recordings. You can check the item history using the following method:

  • Go to "Account Menu" > "Revenue Management" > "Item History for Recordings."


Managing REvenue

Reflecting revenue in "Details"

You can check daily live revenue in "Account Menu" > "Revenues Management" > "Details of Live Revenue." Reflection in "Details" is immediate after receiving Redeemable items.

Reflecting in Available Revenue

You can check the available revenues in "Account Menu" > "Revenue Management" > "Available Revenues." Reflection in "Available revenues" takes place 15 days after receiving Redeemable items.

Requesting Payments

Go to "Account Menu" > "Revenue Management" > "Available revenues" and click "Request Payment." For more details, please refer to "Payment Request Help" in the revenues menu.

After reflection in the available revenues, if you do not request payment within 180 days, you will be eligible for automatic transfer.
※ If automatic transfer is not possible, it will be considered that you have waived the right to request payment, and it will be removed from available revenues five years after the first automatic transfer date.

About Withholding Taxes

Live revenue is subject to withholding tax. For more details, please refer to "About Withholding Tax."