How to stream a PC game


What you need for Game streaming

●Good PC
●Streaming software(TwitCasting Desktop Live, OBS, Xsplit, etc.)
●To stream console games, you will also need capture card such as El Gato(or these).


Recommended settings for streaming software

●Video format: h.264
●Audio format: AAC
●Video size: 854x480
●Frame rate: 30fps
●Bitrate: 800kbps(If bitrate exceed 1Mbps for a while, streaming may cut off automatically.)
●Maximum video size: 900p/30fps or 720p/60fps (h264)、360p/30fps (Not h264)

The best settings vary depending on your environment and PC specs.


Full HD Streaming Mode

Click here to see your RTMP URL for Full HD Streaming Mode

Game Streaming on TwitCasting

1. Login and click「Broadcast」
2. Select  
3. Enter your RTMP URL on your Streaming software.
4. Enter your Stream name on your Streaming software. 
5. Set your category, hashtag, subtitles if necessary. 
6. Start streaming on your streaming software and that should begin streaming on TwitCasting.

RTMP URL and Stream name must be correct to stream.
They are also case sensitive so it is recommended to copy and paste.

Beginning, end, and errors of the stream will be notified by push notification(only broadcaster will receive these notifications if you are logged in). 

Reconnection of stream

TwitCasting automatically reconnects when the stream is cut off.  If it does not reconnect automatically, wait for a few minutes and try streaming again.