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General perks

  • Perk #1

    Membership badges
    Membership badges

    Only members can place a badge
    next to their comment!

  • Perk #2

    Member's card
    Member's card

    A digital membership card
    exclusive to the members!

  • Perk #3

    App-only contents
    App-only contents

    Use special gifts and access
    members-only contents!

  • Perk #4


    DVR feature exclusively available
    for members-only contents!

Exclusive Perks

  • Member's card
    Member's card with original design
  • 🎂🎊🎉誕生日配信🎂🎊🎉
    誕生日をDMで送って頂くとその日にバースデー配信します! 前月までに教えて頂けると日中も配信OKです✨ 基本的には夜の配信となります(*´ω`*)

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