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L'opera du poisson bleu_Asylos

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L'opera du poisson bleu, which was established in 1989, is now in its 32nd year and continues to create new stage works. This work, which will be the 37th performance, is the 20th opera as the original of our company. The theme of this work is a pure reflection of the feelings we felt in this covid-19 era. The characters in the play live in fear of the threat of a new virus. (The virus in the play is a pathogen that kills memory.) The main theme of this work is to re-question the difficulty and value of singing in that situation. At the same time, in this work, I tried to reproduce a hard-boiled detective novel on the stage. The model is R. Chandler's "The Long Goodbye". It is also an ambitious work that finished the mystery-style story as an opera using a film noir-like taste.

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